Today I Rise Audiobook
Today I Rise Audiobook
Traver Boehm recording the Today I Rise Audiobook

Today I Rise Audiobook

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If you're looking at this book for you, I'm sorry for what you're experiencing.

You now know heartbreak is an exquisitely painful concoction of:

  • constant nausea
  • obsessive thinking
  • crushing depression
  • stabbing pain in your heart
  • the now lovely potential of having your entire day decimated in an instant
  • betrayal, groundlessness, and fear

Quite literally, heartbreak is a personally prescribed hell. Trust me, like you, I know it well and wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy.

No book can take this pain away for you, and anyone who says they can is flat out lying. Yet, while the pain may feel like an emotional death sentence, it can be quite the opposite.

I believe heartbreak, as god-awful and gut-wrenching as it is for you, can actually be the greatest opportunity ever you've ever been handed - a gift wrapped in razor wire and shit, but a gift none the less. Why?

That's what it was for me, and what I'm going to turn it into for you. The pain you feel right now is the catalyst for growth and development like you've never experienced, fueled by the exact awfulness you now believe is your new normal.

After using the two and half year odyssey of my own divorce to very publicly change every aspect of my life, something interesting began to happen - people just like you started reaching out to me and asking how you could do the same. People like you who wanted to not only survive their situations but then USE them to do all manner of amazing things like:

  • lose weight
  • quit smoking
  • get sober
  • start businesses
  • or rebuild their entire lives

When a close friend had her husband leave, I made the commitment to speak with her for 90 straight days, telling her exactly what I wished someone had told me the moment my own wife walked out.

Every morning I'd send her an email with a story from my own hellacious experience, giving her something inspirational to focus on and an action step to get her from heartbroken back to thriving - as fast as possible.

Those letters were then forwarded to thousands of readers in your exact situation, navigating the darkest chapter of their lives.

My goal was simple - to get her just a little bit stronger each and every day and it worked. And worked. And worked.

This book is those exact letters, compiled for you, with zero punches pulled. The raw truth of my experience. The truth of what you're now facing with no bullshit, plus the best ways to survive, revive, and then thrive.

Here's to you. Getting past today and on to tomorrow.

You will rise, one morning at a time, making yourself one day stronger.

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